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Competitive Team

All about WCSOPA's Competitive Team

Commitment to Excellence: At WCSOPA we are dedicated to developing talent in all students, at each level of training. We provide every student with a solid foundation of technique and help every student discover their own strengths and reach their full potential.

Commitment to Inspire: We are all students of dance, and through this shared learning experience we strive to inspire our students and be inspired by our students. We are committed to experiencing, learning, teaching, creating, and developing an appreciation for dance.

Commitment to the Team: Together we share the responsibility to build confidence and self-esteem, encouraging each students to be their own personal best. We place a strong focus on respect - respect for teachers, other students, and for ourselves. Our goal is to provide each students with memories that will be reflected on as positive and uplifting experiences.

Technical Training Program

Our technical training program is mandatory for all competitive dancers. Included in the program is an intense boot camp to push their balance, coordination, cardio strength and endurance, core strength and agility and of course flexibility. Training also includes classes in Ballet and Jazz technique. No choreography will be done in these classes though students will be challenged mentally as well with short combinations both at the barre, center and down the floor.

Optional Training Classes Available

Stretch and Core - Students will focus on flexibility while building their core stability. Demi Pointe/ Pointe - Students will focus on balance, posture and ankle strengthening/flexibility in preparation for pointe shoes. Once students are approved by the Director they will learn technique en pointe.

Competitive Team Etiquette

Dancers are expected to arrive on time for all classes and competitions. They are expected to stay with their team until after their performance and attend award ceremonies for each routine they have competed in. If a dancer is absent from the award ceremonies they will not receive their awards.

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