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All About WCSOPA

Welcome to the West Carleton School of Performing Arts. We're not just another dance studio but a special place where our patrons - our family - regularly gather in celebration of their art. It's all about having fun as you develop and hone new skills while making new and special friends. Since 2001 we have been introducing music and the arts to any and all age groups and genders. We offer a wide variety of quality programs. We're especially proud of our Competitive Dance Team who are very active and have many awards to their credit. Our year end recital is a BLAST! There's something for everyone at the West Carleton School of Performing Arts.

Mission Statement

Commitment to Excellence: At WCSOPA we are dedicated to developing talent in all students, at each level of training. We provide every student with a solid foundation of technique and help every student discover their own strengths and reach their full potential.

Commitment to Inspire: We are all students of dance, and through this shared learning experience we strive to inspire our students and be inspired by our students. We are committed to experiencing, learning, teaching, creating, and developing an appreciation for dance.


The West Carleton School of Performing Arts facilities are in excess of 1600 square feet and includes two air conditioned studios with professional quality dance floors, mirrored walls and Ballet barres for our dancers. Parents and guests are provided with a spacious and comfortable waiting area with Wi-Fi Internet access available for our "on the go" patrons.


"WSCOPA = Welcoming, Sophisticated , Comforting, Open, Polite and Awesome. That's it!!! Oh and Great Teachers." - Shelley Lacelle

"I've been dancing at WCSOPA since I was 2 and the intructors have always made learning to dance lots of fun." - Mackenzie Gribbon

"WCSOPA has been part of my familys lives for many years now, and I wouldn't change that for anything. My daughter fell in love with dancing at WSCOPA and still loves it. Her brother even break danced there for a while, and I love my adult tap class now, too! Helping side stage during the end of year show is also an awesome, fun experience. We've made so many friends along the way, it's truly been a life altering experience!" - Christine Nagy

My family has had the great fortune of being part of the WCSOPA family since September 2004. Since the first day where I led my shy and nervous 4yr old daughter by the hand into the her first class, I have watched the school grow and mature at the same rate as my daughters and the rest of the students. From that first encounter, to today, we have always been extremely grateful to have WCSOPA in relative close proximity to our home and have gained new friends and mentors to my girls. The heart of the school is what makes it so attractive to our family; its goal in providing a safe, supportive, positive, inclusive, and also competitive environment that is aimed at giving a great local opportunity to as many students as possible, rather than applying high pressure and focusing more on the elite outliers. Beyond the numerous benefits to my daughters, what else does WCSOPA give back to our family? The most exciting annual events as a family has been the year end showcase that is a top notch experience for all involved in its production. The trips as a family away to competitive events has also become a highlight of the year. Thank-you WCSOPA!" - Greg Haycox "Proud Dance Dad"

"WCSOPA is really fun and entertaining and I always look forward to the afternoon knowing that I will be at dance!" - Samantha Robinson

WCSOPA takes an industry that can be so full of pressure and makes it the most wonderful growth and learning experience. The teachers respect and honour each and every one of there students and their talent, and turn young dreamers into believers, and doers." - Natasha Weston

"What I think is special about WCSOPA is the fact that no matter what the shape size or talent of the children, you take them encourage them, give them confidence in themselves and help form them into wonderful young adults with self esteem. You give them options in life they may not have realized they had and a different path in life to walk down. You show them that if they believe they can do it. Not to mention the amazing support system you have for the parents as well." - Jenn Mason, Parent

"The training that is given to the kids is incredible. it transfers beyond dance. Hanna took a couple of records in track and field this year for her grade which is amazing for such a small girl. She is super fit because of the intensity of the dance training yet she has had fun unlike what so many other forms of exercise provide ." - Tiffany Toll. Parent

" I am a new addition to the staff at WSCOPA and what a heart warming experience joining this studio has been for me. I retired 11 yrs ago from a performance career and know how hard the dance field can be. After I finished dancing I was not sure how to bring it back in my life. I come from all or nothing dance training. I was not sure I wanted to support another child through that journey. What WSCOPA brings to a dancers life and what is needed in many many many places is BALANCE. WSCOPA has an amazing support system for the children to grow as individuals as well as fine dancers. They are encouraged to lead a well balanced life with other sports and interests. The staff is wonderful, kind and welcoming. The team spirit is top notch. I look forward to stepping into the studio and seeing what the dancers can do for themselves and for me. I grow watching them grow into strong athletes and members of society. I am blessed to have fallen into this position and look forward to every step of this journey. WSCOPA adds laugher and light into my world. Thank you dancers staff and parents. Xoxox" - Ms. Amanda, Teacher

"What makes WCSOPA special? I love this studio. We are like family. Everyone supports each other no matter what. In the end its not about who has the highest kick or the best facial expressions, its about making friendships that will last a lifetime. Since I've started dancing I've learnt a lot of things that have helped me in my life outside the studio like eating well and multitasking. But the biggest thing I've learnt is how to be kind to others and accept each other's different strengths. And it was WCSOPA that taught me that. No one else would have been able to do such a great job as the instructors at our studio have done. Every day is as exciting as the last one whenever I'm at the studio or with the people from there. No day is the same and to me that is a good thing. In my opinion, that is why I think WCSOPA is special." - Samantha Bernard, Student

"What makes WCSOPA so special to me a dance grandma is that we all care, not only about our dancers but about each other." - Gail Brewer, Dance Grandma

"What we think is so special about our wonderful studio is that it is like a big huge family!!!!!!! I honestly can't believe how wonderfully supportive all the dancers are towards one another and how all the kids and adults go out of their way to help and support and cheer on one another!!!! The teachers are just the best, most dedicated loving teachers, and directors that are always looking out for our children!!! Not just with dance but in their everyday life!!! Holly also loves how the team always comes together so amazingly! And she has made such wonderful friends!!! There is so much love and talent at wcsopa and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it!!!" - Chantal Nickerson, Parent

"As the studio's photographer I've had the unique opportunity of watching my little girl grow and develop into a confident and dedicated little dancer. I consider it a privilege to be somewhat of an "insider Dance Dad" at WCSOPA's events throughout the year. When trying to capture those action shots or those candid moments, the one constant special thing that stands out to me is the attention the older students give to the younger ones. I have witnessed countless hugs, infectious laughter, constant encouragement and most of all, a "patience well" that never seems to run dry. I can't speak for the other parents but I lost count of how many times my little one has come home to repeatedly play a song from an older girl's routine and try to mimic the performance. The younger ones look up the the senior students more than the said students probably imagine. Fortunately our little ladies and gentlemen in training have nothing to worry about since they can continue to look up to an inspiring group of role models year after year. Thank you WCSOPA!" - Marc Brisson, Dance Dad + Photographer

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